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Follow the rainbow on the Great Barrier Reef.
Home to the famous Great Barrier Reef, Queensland is a true diving and snorkeling paradise. The World Heritage Centre lists it as the world's largest reef; in fact, its sheer size is so expansive it's the only living organism, which can be seen from outer space.

Sitting off the northeast coast, the Great Barrier Reef is composed of 3,000 individual reefs and coral islands stretching an almost unbelievable 1,500 miles. Within this amazing ecosystem there are over 400 types of coral, 1,500 species of fish, and 4,000 kinds of mollusks, as well as dugongs, more affectionately known as sea cows, and endangered green turtles, among other sea creatures. Amid the 600 islands, you'll find 25 beautifully placed resorts. To get a Jacques Cousteau-like peek at the reefs, there are expedition-style cruises and dive boats. You can also experience the Reef through day trips to sand islands or pontoons.

While filming on location, cast members enjoyed some exhilarating adventures. Some rented luxury waterfront properties in the Kimberley, while others headed to high-end resorts. Here's how to vacation like a movie star-or a stuntman-in Australia.

While filming in the Kimberley, Hugh Jackman visited Emma Gorge Resort at El Questro, where he played football with locals, swam, and did the Emma Gorge walk. His Aussie instincts certainly knew where to go for a great vacation. Hidden within the fiery red Cockburn Range, the stylish Emma Gorge Resort has tented cabins shaded by palm and pandanus trees and a delicious open-air restaurant.

Feeling adventurous? Australia tops the world for heart-pounding fun. In northern Queensland, take a rafting tour of the majestic fully River traverse the white-water through World Heritage-listed rainforests, waterfalls, and rock formations. After the intense rapids, enjoy a riverside Aussie BBQ.
Not for the faint of heart, diving with great whites is an experience for the true thrill seeker. Calypso star Charter has world-class shark diving tours off the South Australian coast. Near Port Uncoln, come face to face with the world's most famous, most feared, and most spectacular sharks. Hop into a comfy SUV in Bells Beach, Melbourne, Victoria, and set out for a surf safari to find some of Australia's greatest waves, from world-famous breaks to off-the­beaten-path spots.

In addition to pulse-quickening adventure, Australia is known for wonderful wines, good shopping, and fantastic spas. Sip wonderful wines in Western Australia's Margaret River region. Nestled in ancient bush­land, at the Moondance Lodge, you'll savor innovative, soul-nourishing experiences, such as Didgeridoo Meditation, a signature meditation utilizing the healing sounds of the didgeridoo. Just 20 minutes north of Cairns, discover "Spa Street" in tropical Palm Cove. Unwind with a delicious banana body wrap or warm mapi mud cocoon at the Sea Temple Resort and Spa, just steps away from swaying palm trees along the Coral Sea's shores.

Melbourne sets the pace for fashion in Australia. In this cosmo­politan city, window-shop through
a maze of designer boutiques, quirky galleries, historical lanes, arcades, and fascinating architecture.

The Drover.
The drover was a stockman in charge of moving herds of cattle across long distances,
With the rise of the railway, the tradition started to wane, but during its heyday, these independent and resilient charac­ters had a strong connection to the land and its mysteries,

Aboriginal Australians are the keepers of the world's most ancient living culture, Today, this cutture can be seen through a fascinating mixture of traditional Aboriginal practices and contemporary interpretations, With more than 700 dialects, Aboriginal Australia is one of the most linguisti­cally diverse cultures on the planet, Aboriginal Australians are spiritually connected to the land and use the Dreamtime to tell the story of creation. In the Dreamtime, the hills are giant marsupials frozen in time and the rivers are the tracks of the rainbow serpent, According to Aboriginal beliefs; the spirit ancestors of the land and her people descended from the sky, emerged from the earth, and sprang from the waterways.

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