Sydney Escort

There is an eclectic variety of dance on offer in Sydney.  The Australian Ballet has two seven-week Sydney seasons at the Opera House:  one in March/April, the other in November/December.  The company's repertoire spans traditional through to modern, although it is perhaps most noted for classical ballets such as Swan Lake and Giselle.

Sydney Dance Company is the city's leading modern dance group, often combining its vigorous productions with innovative musical scores.  It has performed in Italy, New York, London and China.

Productions are mostly staged at the Sydney Opera House, but are, on occasion, held at The Wharf or the new Sydney Theatre.

Acclaimed choreographer and artistic director, Graeme Murphy, often collaborates with international luminaries to put up fantastic shows.

The Performance Space, which consists of a theatre, two galleries and a studio, is very popular for its experimental dance and movement theatre.  Artists with backgrounds in everything from dance, mime and circus work to Butoh and performance art are likely to appear here.

Bangarra Dance Theatre uses traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance and music as its inspiration, infused with contemporary elements.  It makes outback interstate and international tours, but is based in Sydney.

The startling and original Legs on the Wall are a physical theatre group who work all over the world, combining circus and aerial techniques with dance and narrative to form a heady mix, often performed while suspended from skyscrapers.

The smaller experimental companies rely on year-to-year funding or community-based work.  These include the collaborative One Extra Dance Company.  They perform contemporary and exploratory dance, in youth theatre, at concerts, for communities and at venues all over Sydney.

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