Sunday night is the big night for many of Sydney's gay community, although there is plenty of action throughout the week.

A number of venues have a gay or lesbian night on one night of the week and attract a mainstream crowd on the other nights.  Wednesday is lesbian night at the Bank Hotel in Newtown and some Sundays are queer nights at Home Sydney and Mars Lounge.

Club Kooky, on William Street, offers an alternative to the mainstream gay clubs with a mixed crowd, excellent DJ's and live electronic music, and an anything-goes vibe on Sunday nights.

ARQ on Flinders Street is the largest of the gay clubs, with pounding commercial house music.  The main dance floor is overlooked by a mezzanine for watching the writhing mass of bodies below.

Midnight Shift on Oxford Street is for men only, and Stonewall plays camp anthems and is patronized mostly by men and their straight female friends.  At The Venus Room, on Roslyn Street, cabaret club, drag shows are performed every night.

The Colombian is the best of the Oxford Street bars, with a mock-Central American jungle and large windows that open out to the street.

The Oxford Hotel and its upper-level cocktail bars are popular too.  Both the Newtown Hotel and Imperial Hotel have drag shows on most nights of the week.


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