FORTY ONE, Level 42, 2 Chifley Square.
The old Sydney favourite offers impressive views of the city and the harbour.  Chef Dietmar Sawyere's blend of European and Asian flavours is a winning combination.  Specialities include roast wild  hare with Israeli cous cous, chorizo and Medjool dates and Armagnac veloute.  A vegetarian menu is also available.
Tel:  92 - 21 - 25 - 00
Price Range:  Over $110

OMEGA, 161 King Street.
The menu at this snazzy modern Greek fine diner reads like a recipe fro exotica.  Mains include duck pie with celeriac skordalia and black olive sauce;  and herb-crusted whiting in kataifi pastry with crab, cavolo nero and savoro sauce.  For dessert, a baked nougat tart is served with orange blossom custard, candied sour cherries and Iranian fairy floss.
Tel:  92 - 23 - 02 - 42
Price Range:  Over $110

PRIME, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Martin Place.
There are plenty of non-meaty options on the menu at this stylish steakhouse but really, everyone comes for the steak.  Your pick of cuts can be grilled as little or as much as you wish and is served with a tomato confit, potato puree or gratin and a jus or sauce.  They also have a separate menu for wagyu, the highest graded beef.
Tel:  92 - 29 - 77 - 77
Price Range:  Over $110

TETSUYA'S, 529 Kent Street.
Internationally revered and widely considered Australia's best restaurant.  Tetsuya's serene space puts the emphasis on the food and wine.  The degustation menus fuse Japanese flavours with French technique.  Wines can be matched to each course and vegetarian degustations are available on request.  Ask to meet the chef for a tour.
Tel:  92 - 67 - 29 - 00
Price Range:  Over $110


PASTEUR, 709 George Street.
Finish your $9 bowl of beef and rice noodle soup and you may not need dinner.  Pho is a Vietnamese speciality, which may come with chicken or beef.  These float in fragrant broth, served with a pile of mint  and basil leaves, chili and fish sauce.  Fresh spring rolls are another delicious snack, filled with pork and prawns, which you can order here.
Tel:  92 - 12 - 56 - 22
Price Range:  Under $35

BBQ KING, 18-20 Goulburn Street.
A large eatery with abrupt service and non-existent decor.  Despite this it has long held cult status.  To understand why, try dining late at the end of a big night and you will discover just how welcome this hearty food can be.  Almost everyone orders the same thing, barbecued duck and Chinese beer.  Open until 2am on weekends.
Tel:  92 - 67 - 25 - 86
Price Range:  $35 - $60

Feelings of happiness are brought into this lively restaurant by the giant Buddha that takes centre stage.  Its reasonable prices and fun atmosphere make it popular with a young crowd.  The fresh and spicy Malaysian food is great for sharing and may be an aphrodisiac.  Bookings are not taken for dinner, so expect long queues.
Tel:  92 - 64 -32 - 11
Price Range:  $35 - $60

REGAL, 347-353 Sussex Street.
Away from the bustle of Dixon and Hay Streets, the Regal is decked out with glittering chandeliers and private rooms.  Waiters pushing dim sum-laden trolleys make it reminiscent of the yum cha places of Hong Kong.  Cantonese seafood is popular, as well as roast suckling pig, steamed fish chosen from the tank and Peking duck.
Tel:  92 - 61 - 89 - 88
Price Range:  $35 - $60

WAGAMAMA, 49 Lime Street.
Sometimes when a restaurant is part of a multinational chain it is a good thing;  especially if like Wagamama, the brand focuses on bringing diners healthy, cheap food.  This outlet has the same big bowls of filling noodles and refreshing juices, plus those Darling Harbour views.  There are also restaurants on Crown and Bridge streets.
Tel:  92 - 99 - 69 - 44
Price Range:  $35 - $60




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